"From Our Pastures to Your Plate"

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The Pasture A Plenty Farm is home to a hog farrow to finish operation as well as free range chickens and seasonal cattle grazing business.

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Jim and LeeAnn VanDerPol     

New VanDerPol Artwork

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Farm History

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Jim raises hogs in a versatile "hoop barn"

The farm was purchased by Jim's parents in 1952.  Jim and LeeAnn started farming here in 1977.  Major changes over the years include a reduction in tillage and crop chemical use as well as an increased focus on livestock production..  Decision making is by the Holistic Management Model, which takes into account the environment and family/community as well as long-term profitability.


Our pork is available at several Twin Cities food co-ops and also at local restaurants.  Orders can be placed at the farm (320)367-2061.  We have flyers which go to a mailing list.  We also host an annual open house event at the end of summer.

Pastures A Plenty Farm & Co.
4075 & 4077 110th Ave NE
 Kerkhoven, MN 56252
(320) 367-2061
 or bighouseontheprairie@hotmail.com

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